Lake Naivasha 1945
Lake Naivasha is a freshwater lake of about a hundred square kilometres whose southern shoreline has become the focus of the country’s horticulture. The tremendous value of the lake as a wildlife resource has to be carefully balanced with its economic value – and that is where the Earthwatch teams come in. We helped the local people achieve its partial protection as Kenya’s 2nd ‘Ramsar’ site (an international convention for a wetland of high importance) in 1995 and our work now provides the essential scientific basis for the lake’s Management Plan. We are helping to understand the critical ecological processes in the key habitats that require conservation.

Lake Naivasha 1995

In 1999 the projects' scientists organised an international conference at Naivasha in partnership with the Lake Naivasha Riparian Association.

Abstracts of all the presentations made were published by UNESCO as one of their Technical Reports. The full scientific papers, which are published in a book are listed on the achievements page.