Lakes, Wetlands and People of
East Africa's Rift Valley

For over 25 years a group of university-led scientists mainly from the UK and Kenya, but also Eire, Poland, Sweden, Belgium and the USA, has been studying the ecology of a fascinating chain of lakes in the eastern Rift valley. Every lake is different, every lake unique in the world.

The study itself is pretty unique too, because the professional ecologists have taught over a thousand non-specialist volunteers from all over the world, as the volunteers have helped achieve the scientific aims. Not many conservation initiatives have been built up upon the labours of non-specialists as have these lakes. Two of them became wetland sites of international value - "Ramsar" - as a result of our project's efforts.

You have the chance, whatever your age, whatever your background, to join this band of people who give up just 3 weeks of their time to help improve the environment of East Africa. Its not just what you give, because what you will take out of this experience is life-changing memories of friendship, satisfaction of personal achievement and the knowledge of making a difference where it really matters. All this under the wide African sky, where you have learnt more than you could believe possible in just 3 weeks away from home.